Pioneer VSX-528-K review – low quality speaker relays causing dropouts

Pioneer is using low quality output speaker relays

And that causes problems with switching on speakers on all models of the VSX series.

When switching on the unit or the speakers, it may happen that one of them or none of them to switch on, requiring repetitive switching or increasing volume to make the contacts of the relay stitch together. This is so embarrasing ! On the tested unit, it happens at almost every power on !

I consider this cumbersome for them, to make this mistakes in the year of 2013.

The relays used in this VSX-528 unit are JZC-42F.

As seen on this forum on AVSForums, the relays used in the older VSX-816 are F4AK024T, which are also causing problems.

Same problems also reported for VSX-1014.. so.. Pioneer you loose big time, I just RMA-ed my VSX-528 unit!

Other reports of same problem: