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MiVue Smartbox Mio Mitac inside

There are currently 3 versions of this box: I, II, III. It was also commercialised under the Navman brand.

NameMiVue Smartbox (I)

Also marketed as “Uninterrupted Power Cable”

Marketed under Mio/Mitac/Navman brands
MiVue Smartbox II

Also marketed as “Smart Power Cable”

Marketed under Mio/Mitac/Navman brands

Marketed under Mio and Navman brands

ATTN: there seems to be multiple versions with different cutoff voltages based on different markets
5615N4670052 – R00(8/2016)


Dimensions‎6 x 1.5 x 4 cm; 
200 gr
68.3 x 42.3 x 24.9mm
Voltage SpecificationsPower cut-off value: 11.8V / 12.6V / 12.8V / 13.0VPower cut-off value: 11.6V / 11.8V / 12V / 12.2VInput voltage: 12-24V
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: max 2A
Power cut-off value: 12V / 12.2V / 12.4V / 12.6V
Differentiations /
– Fuse on red wire
– Voltage cutoff: 11.8V-13V
– Time cutoff: 12h-48h
– Fuse on yellow wire
– Voltage cutoff: 11.6V-12.2V
– Time cutoff: 0h – 36h cutoff
– Fuse on both wires
– Voltage cutoff: 12V-12.6V
– Time cutoff: 0h – 24h
Product image
Box image
DIP Switch settings

The DIP switch settings are different between the versions. Also, there are differences or incorrect manual references for wiring the red/yellow power cables.

MiVue Smartbox III

Changes of Smartbox III vs Smartbox II

  • Slightly bigger box, with no lateral fix-screw ears/holes
  • There seems to be both 90 degree corner mini-usb and straight usb end connector versions
  • Fully compatible with Mio MiVue 8xx series and C545 HDR, C580 HDR GPS, C588t Dual and 798 Dual Pro cameras. 
  • In the MiVue 846 and 848 models, the mini-USB plug can only be connected directly to the camera module. It is not possible to plug it directly into the active mounting bracket. 
  • The minimum power cut-off voltage has been raised to 12V (adapted to the latest car models).
  • Internal capacitor that maintains the power supply for approx. 3 minutes after the voltage drops below 12V.

MiVue Smartbox I/II

Mitac CA-0521MV-05 seems to correspond to Mio Smartbox (I) or Mio Smartbox II, but also found in reference photos of Smartbox I or unspecified. There are inconsistencies between the outside label and the inside PCB inscriptions. Both 2014 and 2016 versions use “Mitac CA-0521MV-05” label on the outside, while inside PCB shows “Mitac CA-0521MV-05” on 2014 version, and “CA-0521MV-06” on the 2016 version.

Manual: https://www.navman.com.au/upload/support/guides/Navman_SmartBoxII_UserManual_EN_R00.pdf

Smartbox I/II inside – Gallery

2014 version

2016 version