Floston FL500 500W PSU

Floston FL500 PSU, danger ahead!

As hardwaresecrets.com mention in their good write-up about anatomy of a PSU, the recommended components for this stage are two ferrite coils, two ceramic capacitors (Y capacitors, usually blue), one metalized polyester capacitor (X capacitor), and one MOV (Metal-Oxide Varistor). Very low-end power supplies use fewer components, usually removing the MOV and the first coil.

It seems that the filtering stage for this PSU is.. MISSING! Let’s take a look at this Floston FL500 PSU:

How on earth can be this product sold / certified by any authority it is unclear. This PSU is still on sale and available also together with a “Floston Winner” Middle-tower case at around 35 euros, or 20 euros just the PSU.

This seller website is also sharing the warranty claims rate for this product:


So, it appears that up to 9% of the sold units returned within the warranty period. It is of no surprise considering what we saw inside it.

A video of unboxing the Floston FL500 power supply: