Mercedes Parktronic Systems Inside

Mercedes ML W164 Parktronic Pinout

Mercedes ML W164 comes equipped with 4-pin parktronic sensors, but there is also a version manufactured through 2007, until 2008, which uses 3-pin sensors.

The part codes for the rectangular 4-pin sensors are:

  • A0015427418
  • A0045428718 (upgraded version of A0015427418)

Both are good up to chassis A448514 for cars equipped with SA CODE 220 (PARKTRONIC SYSTEM), Except model year 809 (2009). Code 11.

The part code for the circular 3-pin sensor is:

  • A2215420417

This one is show as From chassis A32101, From 28/09/2007, Except model year 808 (2008). Code 14.

Ever wondered what use is the 4th pin ? The wiring diagrams shows us: it’s unused!


  1. Signal wire
    Front sensors wire colors: YELLOW, YELLOW/WHITE, YELLOW/BLUE,
  2. Ground
    Wire color: BROWN
    Single point for all front sensors
  4. Voltage Supply
    Wire color: ORANGE
    Single point for all front sensors


Inside teardown photos